1/2 of My Family Tree: My name goes farther back than I realized.

[Written from my father, Thomas Andrew Pirie’s – perspective] 
In 1710 (October) Beatrix Burnet was born.  In 1740 she married James McRobert in Pitsligo.  They are my great-great-great-great-great grandparents.  One of their children was named Elizabeth and she was born on June 5, 1745.
Elizabeth McRobert married John Parley on November 12, 1772, also in Pitsligo.  They are my great-great-great-great grandparents.  They were parents to Elspet Parley, who was born in 1780.
Elspet married John Pirie in 1799 in Fraserburg.  They are my great-great-great grandparents.  Among their children was Andrew Pirie, born in 1822 in Tyrie.
Andrew Pirie married Jane Webster on Sept. 7, 1845 in Udny.  Jane was born in Old Deer in 1820.  Andrew and Jane settled in Old Deer and raised their family.  Sue and I are travelling to Old Deer on Sunday, October 6, 2013.  I don’t expect to see Jane, but who knows what we’ll find.  Andrew and Jane are my great-great grandparents.  Among their children  was Andrew J. Pirie, born on October 25, 1849.
Andrew Pirie married Mary Innes in 1872.  They emigrated to the United States and were parents to four children: Maude, Mabel, Andrew J. Pirie, and George.  Andrew J. Pirie was born in Boston, Mass on October 16, 1877.  Andrew (dad) moved to Rochester, NY with Mary, Maude, Mabel, and George.  Andrew J. (son) stayed in Boston to continue his work as a conductor on the railroad.  Andrew and Mary are my great grandparents.
Andrew J. Pirie married Catherine Swords.  Catherine was born in England and emigrated to the United States with her parents.  They are my grandparents.  They parented Andrew Melville Pirie, born in Lynn Mass in 1905.
Andrew M. Pirie married Dorothy Vera Klein on March 22, 1930.  Dorothy Klein was born in Natick Mass March 21, 1908.  They are my parents.  Among their five children was Thomas A. Pirie, born on July 9, 1949.
Thomas A. Pirie married Susan A. Taylor on August 25, 1979.  They are us!  They are parents to Matthew Taylor Pirie and Andrew James Pirie.

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