BIG E 2014 001

An quick little parking lot shot starts off this collection of why I loved the Big E this year.


BIG E 2014 005

Ceramic pumpkins from Mexico

BIG E 2014 011

Pulled pork heaven on a potato

BIG E 2014 018

Henrietta the Cow – an old friend we visit from time to time

BIG E 2014 020

Thibaut in front of his state of residence, which is home to some great dishes. The state buildings are a great collection to walk through.

BIG E 2014 004 American Horror Story-like clown

BIG E 2014 053A large pickle barrel

BIG E 2014 038

Our marble paper-making friend who remembers us every year.

BIG E 2014 040 BIG E 2014 056 BIG E 2014 060

Matt and his tradition of playing a Baby Grand at the Yamaha booth in the Better Living Building


A New part of our tradition this year was trying out Peruvian food in a converted McDonald’s in West Hartford. To die for.

BIG E 2014 076 BIG E 2014 086 BIG E 2014 087 BIG E 2014 099