The Timeless Wisdom of Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Still Alice: A Sense of Self In The Face of Dementia

Still Alice

                                                        Illustration by Simon Prades for The New Yorker


Still Alice revolves around a 50-year old Harvard Professor’s descent into early on-set Alzheimers. A woman passionate about Linguistics – the study of language – finds that she is soon at a loss for words, due to the steady decline of her cognitive awareness, and her sense of ‘self.’ Alice’s world becomes a tattered puzzle of scattered thought and degenerative memory loss. The reader starts to question their own reality – as they, too descend into a disorienting world of loss, love, identity and ultimately, redemption.

                                                                                                                                     – A. Pirie  3/28/2015 

Mystic: Dinner + A Show/Snowy 1st Day of Spring




Rustic atmosphere, vintage bulbs… Smoke Vermont Burger with Apple Bacon Jam, Falafel Bites, Anchovy Stuffed Peppers and Sweet Battered Onion Rings… ER1 ER2

MIKE’S SHORTS: 8 Short Plays by Michael McGuire.


Spanning over the course of 10 years, Michael’s Shorts challenged the standard play with a Librarian’s lust for spacemen gone haywire, a killer’s fear of heights getting in the way of executing his mission, detectives secretly being watched… A mix of wit and humor made these works quite entertaining! At the end of the night, we had our own viewing of a short play, when my Mom scraped the ice and snow off of her car – making quirky faces at us – as we sat inside.

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