Christmas Eve 2014


Christmas Eve was a bit different without my father, but we kept the traditions alive – nonetheless. The Gladues hosted us and appreciated us being a part of their tradition. They showed us an arrowhead that was found in the backyard and updated us on the year’s events… And then onto Uncle Don and Aunt Jan’s which has been our tradition for as long as I can remember. 


IMG_1520 IMG_1522 IMG_1524 IMG_1532IMG_1537IMG_1527


Be careful – Aunt Jan has a hammer! (Don’t worry, she’s only crushing some Skor bars)…IMG_1557

Marsha and her daughter Meghan


IMG_1560Uncle Art in his younger days…

IMG_1548Dan & Lisa


Aunt Priscilla and Uncle Don with Santa (my grandfather who’s funeral was on the day I was born)


 Sandy, Joe & Ethan

IMG_1559 Uncle DonIMG_1587

Matt with Uncle Don, wearing one of his old shirts


Aunt Jan and I pour ourselves a little Egg Nog, when everyone else leaves…

IMG_1581 IMG_1563  IMG_1594 IMG_1598


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