IMG_1611 IMG_1615 IMG_1614

Another beautiful Christmas day – full of tradition, delicious food and spending time with family – has come and gone. 



Prosecco toast with roasted vegetable fritata.

IMG_1618  IMG_1626 IMG_1624 IMG_1629 Doped up from lack of sleep…IMG_1635

Matt loved his original art piece…

IMG_1639 IMG_1636

                                                                                            Mom wearing her new scarf..


Dad put his squirrel-proof bird house out, shortly after opening it…


A walk into the sunshine

 IMG_1665 IMG_1669

                                                                                                               Dad watching the birds

IMG_1670 IMG_1677 We had one last thing to open…..IMG_1684

 Wine toppers from Germany!… We each got to choose our own…

IMG_1680 IMG_1683 IMG_1682 IMG_1681 IMG_1692

CHRISTMAS DINNER: Homemade lasagna, chibatta with roasted garlic and pesto

IMG_1693 IMG_1694 IMG_1700

My mom’s so silly

IMG_1686 IMG_1706

WITS & WAGERS: Trying to figure out how many times Paul McCartney sings “let it be” in the song….. Also another question asked when Campbell’s Soup Co. originated – and both my parents and my brother wagered 1938… How crazy! The night ended with going into the hot tub and looking at the clear star-lit sky… Such a great start to vacation! This is definitely one of my favorite days of the year… 



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