‘central park exorcism’ featured as cover art for debbie chou’s digital single: “august”

My photograph, Central Park Exorcism, has been featured as cover art for Debbie Chou’s new single “August”. You can listen to it here:




Debbie is a fellow University of Hartford graduate who has pursued her passion for singing in New York.



Born in Pittsburgh, raised in Taiwan, and educated in Connecticut, singer-songwriter Debbie Chou (pronounced “Cho”) is bringing a new perspective to what’s becoming an old form – Sad Bastard Rock.

Quickly emerging as one of the most dynamic voices in NYC’s indie-rock scene, singer-songwriter Debbie Chou combines her silken, melancholy vocals with music that feels both raw and refined, subtly powerful, and invitingly sublime. Her music sits at the intersection of post-punk and piano rock, combining the sharp edges of Gang of Four with the sincerity of Rufus Wainwright. 


Her most recent single “Little Prince” b/w “Waterfall” is an exploration of big feelings viewed through a miniscule lens, with the songs taking on new life after the demise of The Barrens in early 2013. “When I perform, I want the audience to feel me, feel where I’m coming from, what I’m going through, and to be moved by it, so they can be moved towards each other,” says Debbie. “I hope that by sharing myself I’m inspiring people to learn more about themselves.”

(photo by James M. Graham)





“August” was written in August 2012, recorded in August 2013, and released in August 2014. It is dedicated to the ones we have lost and still miss dearly. Many of them left us in the months of July and August. Don’t you wish you had another day? 

Artwork by Andy Pirie (http://apirie.wordpress.com/)


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