Cape Cod Excursion – Falmouth, Wood’s Hole, Cotuit & Waquoit


DAY 1: Thibaut and I explored the galleries/shops of Falmouth, where we had lunch at the Quarterdeck (broiled scallops/haddock) before heading to our bed & breakfast – Wood’s Hole Passage – in the quaint town of Wood’s Hole. Martha & Julie welcomed us – and we attempted a bike ride, but found that Thibaut’s back tire kept going flat. We ended the night with some shrimp, mussels and clams at a local favorite: Chepoquoit Grill


Nobska Lighthouse – Wood’s Hole


Wood’s Hole Passage Bed & Breakfast


A 1950’s-style house we discovered on our short bike trip.


Rachel Carson – author of Silent Spring



DAY 2: We awoke to find a strange woman in the back of the B&B. She looked like she was holding a bow and arrow, but later discovered she was assembling weather balloons. Thibaut got some recommendations from Martha as she served us homemade breakfast. I finally found Waldo. We thanked Martha and Jamie for making us feel at home, and headed off to an amazing art show at the Cotuit Center for the Arts, as well as a scenic view at Waquoit Bay Estuary & Park. For an overcast, chilly day – there was still much to do.  



NATHALIE MIEBACH combined the art of basket weaving and charting weather patterns in these intricate sculptures, which documented such memorable hurricanes as Hurricane Bob and Katrina. 



PHYLLIS HARTLEY combined found/natural materials for these playful sculptures.


STURGIS CHARTER SCHOOL STUDENTS displayed art which addressed their views of climate change in a range of mediums


IMG_3346 IMG_3343 IMG_3345





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