Curated by Stephen Fan, Co-Curated by Shane Keaney – Lyman Allyn, New London


SUB URBANISMS is an exhibition exploring the controversial conversion of single family homes into multifamily communities by immigrant Chinese casino workers in southeastern Connecticut. By transplanting cultural values to their new country, these recent emigrants unconsciously challenge the norms underlying the most ubiquitous American housing type: the suburban single-family detached home. The exhibition invites visitors to reflect on the norms and cultural values that determine how we live, and to consider how cultural expectations for building design might further change in response to ecological, financial and societal pressures. A daylong forum event will be held on March 29th.


IMG_1246 IMG_1247 

cheese heaven: everything from queso fresco to honey-glazed brie


Stephen Fan, Curator – speech

IMG_1262 IMG_1266

Mom and the Boys

IMG_1265 IMG_1271

Matthew’s Passion

IMG_1281 IMG_1284 IMG_1286

Daily Life-style of Casino Workers vs. Standard Family

IMG_1292 IMG_1294 IMG_1311

Viewers finding their homes in suburban Uncasville


Bus transportation from Mohegan Sun


A young artist proudly shows off her sketch book.


ART KIDZ – since high school [w/ Shane Keaney]

 IMG_1332 IMG_1342

Staring Contest

IMG_1344 IMG_1345 IMG_1350

THE CLAW part 1


THE CLAW part 2

IMG_1377 IMG_1380

You’re not doing it right.


Smile and look crazy for the camera…


Fun at Matt’s


Selections From SUB URBANISMS: Casino Company Town / China Town OPENING, Lyman Allyn

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