2013 in Pictures



Oh what a year it’s been…Putting myself out there in the art world, celebrating my entourage of family and friends who have shown so much support, love and kindness throughout the past year… Love you guys… Meeting a wonderful Frenchman who has taken me on many adventures and shown me a different way to look at life… Love you too 😉 –  Road trips and losing things with Lisa, Coastal village excursions with Thibaut, Cape Cod adventures with the family, our annual Big E outing. A refreshed house inside and out. A new cooking blog, A landmark birthday (Thibaut’s 40th!) – Most importantly, the reminder that I am lucky to have so many awesome people in my life. Here’s to a 2014 built on memorable life experiences, collecting the moments one by one. 

DSC06508DSC06814DSC06616DSC07291DSCF2114DSC07092DSC07156thibaut and IDSC07401andy and hilaryDSC07622DSC07663DSC07677from behind closed mindsDSC08302DSC08316DSC08436DSC09034DSC09281DSC09385DSC09406DSC09547DSC09590DSC09917DSC09862DSC09867DSC09756DSC09762DSC09842DSC09855DSC09968DSC00210DSC00554DSC00559DSC00391 DSC00392DSC01142DSC00484DSC01513DSC01620DSC01540DSC01747DSC01814DSC01844DSC01861Halloween Dinner 2013 002HARTFORD ART SCHOOL 2013 041HOLMBERG'S NEW HOUSE 2013 049HOLMBERG'S NEW HOUSE 2013 003HOLMBERG'S NEW HOUSE 2013 004Putnam OCT 2013 019Halloween Party 2013 040Halloween Party 2013 069Halloween Party 2013 028HALLOWEEN 2014 006HALLOWEEN 2014 010HALLOWEEN 2014 004Putnam November 1st Friday 2013 004Putnam November 1st Friday 2013 013Putnam November 1st Friday 2013 015Putnam November 1st Friday 2013 006Putnam November 1st Friday 2013 025DSC00583DSC00687DSC00669DSC00732DSC00733DSC00834DSC00890DSC00888DSC00913IMG_0326IMG_0354\IMG_0035


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