25 Days of Appreciation - Dec. 23: Internal Power

Photo Credit: Thibaut Schilt


We look out into the world and see people who are hugely successful. They have it all: looks, charm, power… They make it look so easy. The power comes from within – where we need to train our mind to realize that we also have much to offer. How we see others is often an illusion. They, too, may see us in the same manner. It becomes gratifying to realize our own potential and power, and to not believe everything we think. As the Dalai Lama states: “Human potential is the same for all. Your feeling, ‘I am of no value’ is wrong. You are deceiving yourself. We all have power of thought – so what are you lacking? If you have will-power, Then you can do anything. It is usually said that you are your own master.’ I had a conversation with a Thibetan shop owner today who reminded me of this concept: “your mind can be pure like the ocean, only if you cultivate it that way… All too often in your culture, people use money to fill the void, when improving your thoughts costs nothing. Just as we use daily exercise to improve our physical health – it is incredibly important to do the same with the mind. You have the power to take your thoughts and use their energy for your benefit,” I acknowledged the man’s advice by saying it was nice talking to him, and left with a confirmation that I am more powerful than I think. Our mind is incredibly powerful – and we can use it to our benefit or against us. It just takes a lot of practice.


25 Days of Appreciation – Dec. 23: Internal Power

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