25 Days of Appreciation – Dec.14 – Creating Your Own Reality

All too often, we are wrapped up in living in a standard, mundane reality. We all too often give in to the things we cannot control. Take control of your surroundings and make it very much your own. I do realize the photos below are a stretch – but they certainly do make quite a statement.


Korean Artist Transforms Her Small Studio Into Dreamlike Worlds Without Photoshop

by  on Dec 4, 2013 • 2:42 pm166 Comments

Korean artist Jee Young Lee’s beautiful dreamscapes are living proof that you don’t need Photoshop or even a large studio space to create amazing surreal images. She creates all of these scenes by hand in a room that is only 3.6 x 4.1 x 2.4 meters and then inserts herself into the pictures. Some of these self portraits represent her own experiences, dreams and memories, while others represent traditional Korean folk tales and legends.

Source: opiomgallery.com


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