25 Days of Appreciation: Dec. 12 – Perspective


There are so many ways to see one thing. We are multi-faceted beings who can be standing right next to one another – yet be experiencing everything is so many different ways. I feel it is important to recognize where others are coming from to better understand what role we have in their lives. We seem to believe our own reality to the point where we don’t consider others’ realities. It becomes a challenge to step outside of ourselves. Better yet, it allows us to step back and show compassion. It becomes easy for us to say “did you see how she treated me? I don’t deserve that!” Instead it becomes a reflection on the other person. We cannot take ownership of anyone but ourselves. How can we respond? What is it that keeps us grounded? In the end, everything is based on our own perception (whether it be an accurate reading, or not. An effort to see things as they are, or as we are). In the end will we play the victim because it brings pity on us, or will we try to move on keeping our stance solid and sound?


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